Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring has sprung...mostly

unlike last year, the weather on the first day of spring this year was actually springy! i'm not getting my hopes up because i am sure there will be more snow but we take what we can get! we celebrated the day by going to the park with some friends. kale was not happy when we left. still snow on the ground, of course
mason, smith, and kale

maymo testing his climbing skills

lizabeth and kale sharing a snack

jack and smith didn't venture too far from me while i had the snack cup

we are finished house sitting and kale is very sad to leave the horses. the family had two that kale loved helping peter feed.

brave enough to reach out!

now that we have stopped making such a big deal out of his walking, he does it much more frequently. and yes, we are bribing him with peter's cell phone.


northwestharveys said...

thank you! I love the new sounds like he has tap shoes on :) What a good walker!

Anonymous said...

I have watched it three times already! What a great idea to use the cell phone to keep him upright and moving along. You guys are brilliant! love you all

Addie said...

Hurray! I had no idea he was walking! How long has THAT been going on?

Joy Joy said...

What a hilarious video! Nothing like a dangling carrot to make him walk!

Anonymous said...

keep motatin little moore man. stay vertical. pa ray

Anonymous said...

Kale:"I'm calling Grandma you guys are being mean to me!"

I love to see how much he has grown each time I log onto the blog.
Keaten and Kale are just growing up too fast. I was so bummed when you guys were unable to come for the birthday party. The blog is nice but its not the same as seeing Kale and you in person.

Anonymous said...

We want more videos of the Bug walking. It's Apr. 1 and we haven't seen an update. Whats going on up there? I know you're not busy chasing him around as he explores his territory. Love you guys. Hansens.