Monday, April 6, 2009

guess it has been awhile!

i kept getting mad that no one is updating their blog and then i realized i was in the same boat! since my last post, we have had much more snow and are just getting some much needed sunshine today. since kale is walking all the time now, it is much more fun to go outside. who wants to crawl on concrete?
the last weekend in march we trekked over to yakima, wa for a funeral. peter's 91 year old grandma passed away after living a very full life. i didn't know much about her before this trip but learned a lot and i am very impressed with all she did! it was a sad occasion but nice to see family, even though it was quick. kale did amazingly well during the 9+ hour trip over, no melt downs at all! the way home was a different story and i was somewhat relieved when we were forced to stay in missoula sunday night due to weather. i think we were all ready to get out of the car at that point! staying in a hotel room with a baby is a little difficult especially when the baby goes to bed so early. we ended up putting his pack-n-play in the bathroom for him to fall asleep and then would move him out when we were going to bed. the bathroom in our missoula motel was quite small and we realized that kale could reach the doorknob when we went to move him out and the door was locked! praise the Lord that we could use a credit card to get in and didn't have to break the door down. one of many adventures on our long trip.
remember last time i was pregnant and took pictures all the time of my belly? well, not so much this time. i would take a picture but there isn't anything to show yet. at least no baby, just a little pudge. i hope the 2nd trimester next week gives some relief as my symptoms have kicked in full force in the last week. headaches, nausea, lots of peeing, and exhaustion are all raring their ugly heads and just yesterday peter asked for his wife back. i replied that i want her back too!

getting ready to go swimming with dad in yakima at the hotel.
maybe this is why he did so well on the way to yakima, licorice

homemade superman cape

such a helper he is!

kale is walking all the time now and here is the proof!


kelsey said...

yeah...that belly is massive!! it's so funny on your skinny little boy! that's the only place that blake seems skinny to me! :)

northwestharveys said...

that's a pretty good post! It makes up for the last few weeks :)I hope to make a trip in May!

Anonymous said...

Kale, make sure you wear Uncle Jonny out and make him take you outside to play lots while he is there visiting you. Grandpa and I will be there tomorrow to bring you some jelly beans!
Love, Gramma J

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to all of you. Wish we could be there to hunt eggs with Kale. Post a video with his Easter basket.
He is motivatin'-tummy in the lead.
You go buddy.
Give us a call when you're all together. Andy is coming home for the weekend-Adam and Jesse have to work. Darn! Love you guys. Hansens

Hannah said...

Oh those little arms flapping as he walks around his room! Such a big boy now! Your blog template is really cute and so nice for spring. Hope to you guys at Addie's wedding!