Wednesday, April 15, 2009

get ready, lots of pictures

Kale listening to some music with Dad.
When Kale wants a snack, he goes to the fridge and whines. I am working on stopping this. We now have designated snack times and he sits in his chair while I get the snack instead of picking what he wants out of the fridge. This kid would live on fruit and yogurt if I let him.

Who needs a backyard? Kale was occupied last week by our diaper champ on the porch.
Ok, backyards are a good thing I suppose! We went to the Schuyler's last Tuesday and soaked up the sun. Good thing too since there is at least 6 inches of snow on the ground today!

When we do get a yard someday, Kale will definitely need a bike. And longer legs.

My brother and parents all came to visit us this weekend. We went to the park Friday and Kale wore Uncle Jon's sunglasses the whole way with this look on his face.

Trying out the mini-slide

Jon and I

Watching everyone

He would climb up to the slide, turn around and zoom down on his tummy, all by himself! As you can tell, he loved it.

There was a huge Easter Egg hunt on Saturday that we braved. Kale liked looking at the fire truck more than he liked actually being in it.
Journey Church puts the hunt on every year and this year they had 40,000 eggs! Kale left with one.

Our good friend Addie got married on Saturday to a great man. It was a wonderful testament to God's faithfulness and the work He has done in both Addie and Rob's lives. I am so happy for them!

These 3 girls danced the night away!

My mom and dad

Rob and Addie sharing their first dance while Addie's son Blake rocks it with a lady friend of his own!

A new pastime of Kale's


Anonymous said...

Hey Kale, we speak your language. "Blooommmmm," goes the trucks; :whas' that-whas' that!" Uncle Jon filled us all in about his trip to see you. When you're in the "frig", go for the good stuff, okay! Gary can teach you how to find the hidden candy. He's good at it.
Uncle Jon is lovin' life too-got his cast off yesterday.
Miss you guys-bye-bye Kale. Hansens

J and Raq said...

Your little guy is so cute. Hope you are feeling well and getting some energy back- the 2nd one goes by faster but is harder! Anyway, always fun to see what is going on in your lives! Oh- great to Adele doing so well-her and Justin knew each other.

northwestharveys said...

These pictures are wonderful! You look beautiful in the second're hair is getting so long...very pretty. Good talking to you today!

Addie said...

I also love the second photo: it tells a story in addition to the one you tell. You're so pretty! Kale's so big! Pete's so...


Mike said...

Hi Naomi, wonderful pictures! Kale is really taking off in all directions now that he's walking looks like. Are you feeling better now that the first trimester is over? That made a huge difference with me...


Anonymous said...

my favorite part of this post is Kale's little voice saying "bye bye" at the end. My second favorite part is the little grin on Reece's face in the background of the picture of Dad and I. We had a great time at your house. Hope you had a wonderful time in Missoula and will post about it soon.

Lindsey K said...

It was so good to see you last week! I hope when we live closer that happens a lot more. I REALLY love the photo of you, Kale and the fridge...classic, as well as the gangsta photo of Kale in Jon's glasses. We are going to Helena this weekend so let me know if you want a call on our way through Bozeman depending on what you guys are up to. Love you!!