Saturday, November 21, 2009

One Month...ish

We are all back home together after spending almost a week apart. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time in Hingham with Grammie and Papa and I am so thankful for the extra help while Peter was gone. He is now realizing just how quiet his week away was! We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and my parents get to come down to spend that time with us. Kale is amazing us daily with new words and his strong will and Joel is filling out nicely! Kale is still getting the hang of drawing ON the paper.
He had lines on his head that made him look like he had seperated his brain into sections.

Papa and Kale playing their Gee-Tars

Wearing Papa's reading glasses.

Kale really loves his "Baby Dole". So much so, we can't leave them alone in the same room!

Joel was a month old on the 12th and he has already changed since then! He lost all his hair on the top of his head so he resembles an old man. He is starting to smile and loves be where everyone is. He doesn't like to burp and is getting up about once a night, if I am willing to stay up when he wakes up at 6. :)

I am definitely overwhelmed at times but every day is a new day! I know this won't last forever and soon both kids will go to bed in the evening and sleep all night.

Yes, I do nibble him regularly


northwestharveys said...

Oh I love these photos! It is amazing how similar the boys look as babies. So wonderful that Kale loves his brother Dole :) Baby Dole is quite cute, I love that last photo of him. Can't wait to see you guys in less than a month!!!!

kelsey said...

Both boys are just adorable. I love the stories!

Jess B said...

I LOVE the markers! Who gave you those?