Monday, November 1, 2010

New camera=lots of pictures

Our little monkey played the part of birthday boy to a T. The fact that he had 2 birthday parties didn't hurt.The morning of his birthday, he wasn't sure what to think.
Good thing Big Brother was around to show him the ropes. He quickly got the hang of ripping open the gifts and was delighted at what he found.
So proud of himself!
That afternoon we had some friends over for cake. Joel gave them all the evil eye to make sure they knew this was his cupcake. His first of 2 cupcakes. :)
Nothing bashful about this guy with his cupcakes.
Literally sucked it down.
"It's my party..."
My parents came down the following weekend so we celebrated our 1 year old again. Very excited about his pop up toy. He loves opening and closing things, (including the toilet lid), so this is a perfect substitution.
Papa Ray wants some too!
Sorry, all mine.
So excited!
Again, literally sucked it down.

Taking a little break before...
...Dad smeared him with frosting.
Scraping every last bit.

Time for bath and a nap!
Love you little boy!


Joanie said...

Joel wears his cake very well!! I can't blame him for inhaling it - it was delicious!!

Harvey Globetrotters said...

THANK YOU for posting ALL (well not all, but lots of)the was a treat to get to see so many of this lovable boy! Big smiles through out it all!